My process as a storyteller is a little backwards since the pictures often come first and then the words—resulting in storybook projects. (So far two are for grown-ups and one for children.) I think of words as necessary to my process but secondary to pictures. As convoluted as this may sound, each of the books has enjoyed critical success and won placement at book festivals.

In The Deep Starry Night<Click here to order this book.

In the Deep and Starry Night

“In the Deep Starry Night” This is a storybook for either children or grown-ups based on the version of Seraphic flight found in the Urantia Book. There’s just something about being wrapped in the arms of an angel and soaring through the living channels and byways of space while in a deep sleep that always …

Eve’s Tarot

“Eve’s Tarot” This story is based on the fascinating and fantastical version of Adam and Eve found in The Urantia Book. I’d read it many years before it took hold and re-emerged as a series of images that looked and felt like Tarot Cards. About halfway through working on the series it dawned on me …

An Idiot’s Tale

“An Idiot’s Tale: The Lost Writings of Rapunzel” Sometimes, when you’re working on an etching, you have a lot of time to muse about the image as you’re gouging it into metal. I was working on a series called “Two Fairies’ Tales”, one of which was an image of Rapunzel with her hair entwined around …

The Children’s Calendar of Dreams

“The Children’s Calendar of Dreams” I began this series of drawings when I was still in my teens. There were many more of them—maybe as many as 20—but my style kept changing so it took awhile to get a series that looked coherent enough to put together as a book. These were my fantasies about …