About My Products

Each product is lovingly hand made and shipped from home. There’s just something about printing things I’ve always loved and with sublimation dye printing, I can print my own images on mugs and create lightweight, durable posters on aluminum. Using this technique, the image literally bonds to the surface through heat and is amazingly durable.

I print the cards out one at at time in Pecos River Gloss, an acid-free cardstock, and include envelopes, wrapped in cellophane.


For Note Cards:

  • $4.00 Each;
  • $3.50 Each for 3;
  • $3.00 Each for 7 or More

For Coffee Mugs:

  • $12.00 Each;
  • $10.00 Each for 3 or More

Note: Prices automatically adjust in the cart.

Shipping Included. Posters will be available soon!

For wholesale pricing, please contact me here: Robin Lieske