“An Idiot’s Tale: The Lost Writings of Rapunzel”

Sometimes, when you’re working on an etching, you have a lot of time to muse about the image as you’re gouging it into metal. I was working on a series called “Two Fairies’ Tales”, one of which was an image of Rapunzel with her hair entwined around hers and her lover’s arms, and it made me wonder about the kind of woman that would haul a man up by her hair.

A story began to unfold. I decided to keep a journal as Rapunzel and see what happened. As I did, it felt like a very distinct character emerged with a tale all her own. She does have magical properties and all the attendant difficulties of having been born in the age offairytales and witchhunts.

I love the idea of storybooks for grown-ups. Why did we ever leave such a comforting, engaging and sweet format behind, in childhood?

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